Are Nuts Gluten Free?

Are Nuts Gluten Free?

Are Nuts Gluten Free?

Nuts are naturally gluten-free and plain nuts are suitable for those with gluten intolerance or sensitivity. If you prefer flavoured or candied nuts this is where you have to be careful as it is the additional ingredients that may contain gluten. The easiest way to be sure your nuts are free from gluten is to look out for the certified gluten-free label. If this isn’t clear, it’s worth doing a quick scan of the ingredients list to be sure (these are usually clearly labelled on gluten-containing products as gluten is a known allergen).

Larger grocery stores will have often have a ‘free from’ section, but as nuts are naturally gluten-free they may not be placed here. Gluten-free products in this section tend to be those which would typically contain gluten such as bread, pasta and confectionery.

Rather than being avoided, nuts and seeds are actually good foods for those with Coeliac Disease (or gluten intolerance or sensitivity). They provide fibre which keeps the gut healthy and protein which helps to repair digestive damage caused by gluten intolerance.

Nuts help to support gut health with the following benefits:

  • Help to alleviate some of the symptoms of gluten sensitivity such as bloating, wind, stomach cramps and diarrhoea
  • Lessen the autoimmune response which underlies Coeliac Disease
  • Strengthen the gut wall and reduce inflammation

Dried fruit and gluten-free nuts are great snacks for those with Coeliac Disease, gluten sensitivity or else just looking to cut down on the allergens in their diet.

They provide a good source of fibre and protein which helps to nurture gut health and minimise the severity of gastro symptoms.

Activated nuts, such as NutMad nuts, contain beneficial fibre and nutrients which support gut bacteria but are free from anti-nutrients which can cause damage and irritation to the gut lining.

Nuts are great for snacking on and are easily incorporated into gluten-free meals and gluten-free recipes such as stir-fries, curries and salads.

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