Hummus Toast Recipe

Hummus Toast Recipe

This recipe makes a quick and easy snack or even a light lunch.

I use sourdough bread – it’s my favourite. Because of the fermentation process, it’s easier to digest than other types of bread, and I also like its tangy flavour.

So here is what you need for your hummus toast.


2 slices of sourdough bread

3 tbsp of hummus

50 gr of sauteed mushrooms, seasoned with salt and black pepper

1 garlic clove

20 gr of Activated Cashews with Maple and Rosemary


Sautee the mushrooms with garlic, and season them with salt and pepper. While they cool down, toast the bread and spread it with hummus.

Top with sauteed mushrooms and activated cashews.

If you chop the cashews with a big knife first it will be easier to sprinkle them over the mushrooms.

When mixed the sweet and salty tastes enhance each other so don’t be afraid to combine them. Think salted caramel. 😊


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