Healthy Snack Box Subscription

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What’s in the box? Five snacking portion bags of activated nuts in different flavours in one box. A great variety of sweet, salty and naturally tasting nuts, including our Great Taste Award winning walnuts.

  • Almonds, natural
  • Almonds with sea salt
  • Walnuts Salted Maple Caramel – Great Taste Award
  • Cashews Maple and Rosemary
  • Nut Mix Natural

Each bag contains 30g of nuts.

Free shipping to UK mainland.

Subscribe fortnightly. Pause or cancellation possible at any time.

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A healthy snack subscription box means healthy snacks delivered to your door regularly in a letterbox size.

The Nutmad healthy snack subscription box features our full product range – activated nuts in five different flavours, including our Great Taste Award-winning walnuts:

  1. Activated Walnuts with salted maple and caramel
  2. Activated Cashews with Maple and Rosemary
  3. Plain Activated Almonds
  4. Activated Salted Almonds
  5. Activated Mixed Nuts

We deliver this carefully curated healthy snack subscription box to your home or office every fortnight. This way, you never run out of healthy snacks. With this variety of sweet, savoury and natural flavours, a celebration for the taste buds, snacking will become your favourite meal.

Activated nuts are high-quality nutritious snacks, natural source of protein that keeps you full, while not making you feel heavy and sluggish.

If you want to establish healthy eating habits without compromising on taste, that’s the right snack for you.

What makes our activated nuts different from raw or roasted nuts is the fact that they have been soaked in water, then dried again at low temperature until crunchy and flavoured slightly with only natural ingredients. The soaking makes them tastier, easier digestible and releases more of their nutrients to be absorbed by the body.

The content of one bag, 30g, is the recommended daily dose of nuts for a healthy diet. The small pouch with zipping keeps the nuts fresh after opening and prevents spillage (if there any left at all:)). They are great if you are often on the go and need a snack to keep in your bag, or if you want to stock your desk drawer with healthy food products that will you boost your energy when you need a bite to beat that afternoon slump. Having these little bags close at hand will make it less likely for you to head off to the vending machine and make any unhealthy choices.

The Nutmad subscription snack box proves that healthy snacking isn’t boring and it can make you feel good.

The idea behind Nutmad was to create a snack that tastes seriously good and is good for you. It should fit in a busy, active lifestyle and a healthy diet. High quality activated nuts, slightly flavoured, in portion size are exactly that. They are great as snack in the office, on the go while you’re on your commute or running errands with kids, or also after a work-out to boost your energy.

Subscribe for a fortnightly delivery and your healthy surprise will be in your letter box regularly. You’ll be stocked on healthy and delicious snacks at any time.

All products in this box are made of natural ingredients, are refined sugar-free, naturally gluten-free, and vegan-friendly. The salty and natural tasting nuts (almonds with sea salt, almonds natural, and nut mix natural) are also suitable for the ketogenic-diet.

We aim to dispatch your subscription orders on Mondays after you’ve placed your order, and usually you will receive it in 2 to 3 days from dispatch.


Allergens listed in bold.

Almonds, Cashew nuts, Walnuts, maple syrup, rosemary, sea salt.

May contain traces of other nuts.

More about activated nuts:

Nuts are a good source of essential fats, minerals, protein and antioxidants and with that very healthy. Especially for people who are trying to have a healthy lifestyle or eat less to no meat at all, nuts are a substantial part of their diet. But do they have any downsides? If we eat them on a regular basis, they may make us feel full and heavy and cause some digestion issues. The reason is that they can be rough on our stomach. If you want to enjoy nuts in bigger quantities, and still have a good gut feeling, try activated nuts.

What makes activated nuts better for us?

Raw nuts and seeds contain natural chemicals, called phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors. The enzyme inhibitors are good for the nuts because they prevent them from prematurely sprouting. Unfortunately, they are not so good for us. In fact, they have the ability to clog the metabolic enzymes in our body. This plays an important role when it comes to processing the food we eat. Also, it makes nuts hard to digest. Phytic acid can bind to minerals, such as iron, zinc, manganese and, to lesser extent calcium, and slow or prevent their absorption. This makes the minerals and their beneficial qualities less available to the body. Soaking neutralizes the enzyme inhibitors and phytic acid and makes nuts better for us.

If you love food and are looking for a healthier snack, try Nutmad.


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