Vegan Pesto Pasta

Vegan Pesto Pasta

vegan pesto pasta

Vegan pesto pasta

Pesto pasta is one of those dishes that is simple but can be very versatile. Basil is the classic herb used most of the time to make pesto. But this delicious sauce can be also made with many other fresh herbs such as rocket, sage, parsley or wild garlic. It tastes great even if you mix them all together. See what your local market has to offer and don’t be afraid to experiment, you can’t go wrong with pesto.

Using different nuts and seeds is another way to vary the taste. Try replacing the herbs with some sundried tomatoes and you won’t be disappointed either.


For the pesto:

A handful of fresh basil

1 tbsp of olive oil

½ tsp of sea salt

¼ tsp of black pepper

1 small garlic clove

20 ml of water

30 gr of Nut Mix

For the rest:

Cooked pasta (your favourite shape) – I like pappardelle or spaghetti.


Cook the pasta in salty water. Put a few nuts aside for the topping. To make the pesto, add all the pesto ingredients into a blender and blitz until smooth. Once the pasta is ready cooked, drain it, mix in the pesto and serve.

You can also try adding a tablespoon of nutritional yeast if you like it, which gives the dish a light cheese flavour and is a very popular ingredient in the plant-based kitchen.

Top the pasta with the extra blended nuts for some extra crunch.


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