Nutmad is the home of activated nuts: healthy snacks delivered to your home!

Nutmad was created to provide snacks that are healthy and taste delicious. Simple natural ingredients only.
Proving you don’t need to compromise on taste to eat healthy.


Are you often so busy that you find yourself skipping meals and reaching out to snacks instead? Does being on-the-go mean you always run out of healthy snacks and end up making choices that don’t make you feel good?

If you would like to try a snack that’s really tasty, and also good for your health, do it in style with activated nuts.

The idea for Nutmad – the home of activated nuts…

was born after years of mastering the activated nuts at home for family and friends. As a passionate snacker, I understand that a good snack has to taste great and keep the hunger at bay. But it also needs to be a healthy snack, to make you feel good.

Snacking doesn’t have to be a guilty pleasure.

Of course, every now and then I like snacks that are high in sugars and fat. I’m not going to lie, they do taste good. I love chocolate or a good piece of cake. But let’s face it, I’m not in my twenties any more, and this kind of food can be quite mean to hips, belly, skin, and health in general if you eat too much of it. I also don’t like it, when I read the list of ingredients on a packaging and I don’t understand at least half of it.

Nuts have always been one of my favourite snacks but eating them often made me feel heavy and sluggish. In fact, during pregnancy, non-activated nuts even made me feel nauseous and I almost missed a New Year’s party because of that. When I tried activated nuts, I was first fascinated by how delicious they were. Later on, I found out about their health benefits, and I knew I have found my new favourite healthy snack. I’m very happy that through Nutmad, I can share it now with you.

healthy snacks delivered to the UK

Here is why activated nuts are good for us – if you are not allergic to nuts, of course:

Nuts contain natural chemicals, which can bind their nutrients such as iron, zinc, calcium, manganese, etc., and don’t allow the body to absorb them fully. Soaking in water breaks down these natural chemicals and makes the good stuff more available. Also, nuts become easier digestible and, last but not least, so much tastier.

We soak the nuts in filtered water and dry them for long hours until they get really crunchy. As a result, we provide you with the most delicious, healthy, feel-good snack you deserve.

To save you from running through the stores, we also give you the opportunity to sign-up for a subscription for activated nuts. You can get these healthy snacks delivered to straight to your door. We’ll make sure you never run out of something great to snack on.

Order your nuts today and you will get hooked. Healthy snacks delivered right to your home or office.

Believe me, they will become your favourite nuts.

Treat yourself, you deserve it!


NUTMAD Founder

What customers say

Definitely the tastiest almonds I’ve had! What a brilliant, healthy and guilt free snack to have during breastfeeding!
I never knew about activated nuts and their benefits until now and I feel I cannot go back to “regular” nuts. My stomach was suffering after eating regular nuts and I haven’t experienced that with Nutmad’s plain almonds. Absolutely love them!
These activated almonds are the most moreish you’ll find anywhere, no question!! I’ve tried a few other brands, none come close to Nutmad on taste. these are seriously crunchy and have a subtle hint of umami. Great for snacking. Although you can quickly have too much without realising :).
Nutmad is a great concept. High quality activated nuts delivered at my office weekly provides a way of eating a healthy snack in a super convenient way. Love it and have already recommended it to some of my friends and family!